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  • Hand tailored in White (801) Woven Poly-Textured Crepe.
  • Gold Metallic Piping in tailored and fully pressed front pleats for a clean crisp look.
  • Gold Brocade (BR14) stole with #69 Glorious Cross and Crown in black
  • Gold Brocade (BR14) sleeve crosses with gold metallic piping.
  • Gold Brocade (BR14) back cross with gold metallic piping.

On all Hoffman Brothers pulpit robe, you have a large variety of fabric, trim and colors to choose from.  Four inch hems and full length zipper closures are standard.  Pocket slits on both sides are included for easy access.  All pulpit robes have balanced machine fluting over the shoulders and back of yoke for an even drape to your robe with adjustable bell cuff sleeves featuring Velcro© Brand closures. All seams are completed using our five needle serger for extra durability.    All Pulpit & Minister Robes feature detachable ‘snap on’ stoles.  This means every robe you purchase has the option of multiple stoles that may be worn for various occasions, affairs and ceremonies. 

At Hoffman Brothers, quality is our first concern.  Second is YOUR comfort.  To further this idea, we give you many options so you may custom detail your robe with comfort and durability in mind.  If you have a special color or trim, please call toll free, 1-800-325-7300 to speak with one of our robe specialists.

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