GH 311 NCOS Robe

A festive style robe featuring a High Neck yoke without a standing collar and our custom designed, adjustable cuffs with Velcro®. Balanced machine fluting across the shoulders and back for a ‘formal’ image. All Hoffman Brothers robes feature fully pressed front pleats for a crisp, clean tailored appearance.


T 1 Tunic

A superior designed tunic inspired by the simple elegance of a full length front and back. Shown in one of our brocade fabric upgrades. The reverse side will be made in a regular fabric and color. A Velcro® opening at the shoulder allows for easy access. This style will be of service to you and your group by allowing you to choose your ‘look’ during services and concerts.


Wear the robe. Wear the robe and tunic. Wear the robe and reverse the side of the tunic. 3 variations. Your choice. All tunics may be ordered in any color combinations with any style robe, not just the ones shown on the pages of this catalog.


Call to have a personal assistant assigned to your project. The same person will be available to you during your entire experience with Hoffman Brothers.